Independent Director, Photographer & Colorist

Elias Danner

Founder and owner of Mammut Studios. Award-winning film director, photographer & colorist with a background in cinematography. Refining his skills in Vancouver, Toronto and New York, his work and passion for visual storytelling have brought him to over 30 countries across 4 continents and counting.

Independent Cinematographer | Operator

Tenzin Sherpa

Regularly shooting projects across Europe for German television networks and corporate clients, there is hardly anything this pleasant fellow can’t translate into visually ambitious experiences.

Independent Multicopter-Pilot

Christian Dorner

He’s the one who makes our cameras take flight. With over 20 years of experience in flying multicopters and drones he brings precision and skill to the set while providing the level of safety indispensable in areal filmmaking & photography.

Independent Camera Operator & Sound Recordist

Johannes Holland

You need to get very lucky to find someone who is as smooth operating cameras as he is recording sound. Well, we got lucky. Still, this one is first and foremost our precious ears on set. Because it hurts to watch film without brilliant sound. And he makes sound brilliant.

Independent Programmer & Developer

Julian Meier

The man for technical delicacies. Speaks all these ineffable languages like PHP5, CSS3 & JavaScript and is nevertheless surprisingly good company.